Healthy Skin Challenge: Day 23

Day 23 – Calming Inflammation for Clear, Healthy Skin 

Inflammation is the underlying cause of most chronic lifestyle disease. When our bodies are in a state of inflammation, slowly and steadily cellular damage that causes harm to our vital organ systems is occurring.  One outward sign of internal inflammation is the appearance of your skin. Inflamed skin is swollen, red, puffy, acneic and/or rashy. Not only is this an unattractive visually, but it accelerates aging of the skin and promotes the appearance of wrinkles later on. 

You can take proactive steps towards promoting a healthy, anti-inflammatory state in your body and on your skin through your food choices. There are foods that trigger inflammation in your body, and those that fight it.  In fact, the phases in the Healthy Skin Challenge so far have actually been diet and lifestyle choices that help lower inflammation in the body. When eating to reduce systemic inflammation, foods to avoid include: sugar, refined carbs and too much grain (white bread, donuts and baked goods), excessive alcohol and caffeine, trans fats, corn syrup, fried foods, and foods with chemical preservatives such as TV dinners and packaged foods.

The challenge today: Take steps to reduce inflammation in your body by eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and avoid those that inflame. The anti-inflammatory food pyramid below can help guide you.



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