Healthy Skin Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 – Mind over Matter, moving past mental blocks to change

How is everyone doing with the #healthyskinchallenge? We have presented a lot of information about making changes to your diet and lifestyle to help you have the best skin and overall health possible. That being said, change is hard! Sometimes we know exactly what we should be doing, yet we can’t seem to make ourselves do it. If you are having a hard time incorporating the tips and dietary changes we have suggested into your daily routine, maybe you need some support. Here are some ideas for moving from the pre-contemplation stage of change to ACTION!

  • Plan each day. Begin your day with a written plan for what you will eat and accomplish that day in terms of exercise and mindful practice.


  • Enlist a friend to join you in your goal. Having a friend or community of friends helps you to have accountability to someone. I suggest you email each other first thing in the morning with your plan for the day for food, exercise and mental health. At the end of the day check in again to report in on how you did. Support and encourage each other with ideas and positive thoughts.


  • If budget allows, hire a health coach who specializes in behavior change. I am a huge fan of Wellcoaches certified Health Coaches. They are trained in and truly understand the psychology of behavior change and can help you move forward.
  • Set daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals with small non-food rewards for yourself. Maybe you will treat yourself to a massage after you visit the gym 30 days and walk 100,000 miles on your Fitbit or pedometer. Make the goals and rewards that motivate you.
  • Have fun with technology. I am a fan of Fitbit, but you can also use a simple pedometer or online diet and exercise tracker like LiveStrong. It’s fun to track your progress and see how you’re doing. I like the community aspect of many of these tools as well because you can find camaraderie, inspiration and motivation among your peers.



The challenge for today: Evaluate your progress so far and identify your blocks to being the best you can be. Use the tools and tips provided here to break through where you are stuck.

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