Healthy Skin Challenge: Day 29

Day 29 – Organization, the Key to Success

In keeping with the challenge from yesterday, let’s talk more about what is keeping you from doing all the healthy things you know you should do. For so many, organization is where they fall apart. There is no question that our society makes it very easy to eat unhealthy, processed fast foods and to live a sedentary lifestyle. As busy people we can easily fall out of line and back into bad habits because we simply run out of time to do the right thing. Organization is the key to success! With some thoughtful planning and preparation, doing the right thing can be a breeze.

You need to organize both your work and personal life to fit your new healthy lifestyle.   Choose a day (Sunday is good for most) to purchase and plan your meals. Pinterest is a fun way to find healthy recipes and I use it all the time (try “The Nutrition Twins” on Pinterest!). Identify what you will make for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Think about making life easier for yourself by cooking a large roast chicken on Sunday and using the meat in meals all week. You can also roast a big tray of veggies, cut up your raw vegetables for snacking, cooking and salads. Maybe you and your #healthyskinchallenge partner can make food to share. For example she will whip up a huge pot of vegetable soup to share while you make chia pudding and homemade quinoa snack bars for the week for you both. When you leave the house in the morning for work you should have a cooler bag packed with your lunch and healthy grab and go snacks. Use snack sized container or baggies to pre-measure a serving of nuts so you always have a healthy and well-portioned snack to eat in a pinch.

Schedule your workouts. Be sure to write this on your calendar and make fitness a priority in your life. Invite friends to join you for a hike or yoga class so you have someone to be accountable to. Walk during your lunch hour. There are many ways to be active, but if you don’t block off time for it, the day will pass without it happening. 

This type of planning and organization will help you avoid those temptations at the office or when you are starving and “there’s nothing for dinner”.  As you move into this lifestyle and routine, it will get easier and become second nature for you. Make sure you always have a healthy snack or meal at hand and you will reach your wellness goals before you know it.

The challenge today is to get organized!  Pick a day to plan your meals and snacks and another to chop, cook and pre-package them for the week so making healthy choices will be the easy choice. 

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