Healthy Skin Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 – Nourishing the flora that lives on your skin.

Many people don’t realize that our skin is alive with beneficial bacteria, similar to what is found in our gut (aka digestive system from start to finish).  These skin microbiota serve a vitally important role and act in an anti-biotic manner where they prevent the adherence of harmful bacteria to the skin, while enhancing immune function.  Just as the use of pharmaceutical antibiotics can cause GI issues when we take them to treat infections, the same applies to the skin.  When we strip away our healthy skin bacteria we open the door for bad bacteria to settle in.   Similarly, when we are experiencing some sort of internal inflammation or GI disturbance we see the signs on our skin in the form of rashes and redness. These two complex microbiomes are related and communicate with each other.   Making sure to feed our beneficial skin and gut bacteria by eating probiotic-rich foods and supplements along with fiber rich foods, while avoiding excess sugar in the diet will help ensure that the good strains thrive.  Recent research is also pointing to the benefits of topical probiotics to reduce skin inflammation and inflammatory skin conditions such as acne.   Our vit A clear serum contains lactobacillus ferment, a probiotic which has been shown in research to reduce inflammation and bacteria on the skin.  Application of a topical probiotic, combined with oral ingestion through diet or supplementation is a great way to ensure that you are nourishing your skin flora to keep a good balance.

The Challenge –  Take inventory of the products you use on your skin on a regular basis.  Are you over-stripping your skin with harsh chemicals?  How can you add some topical pro and pre biotics to your skincare routine?  Try making a small change and see how your skin responds.


  • Mix up and apply a weekly yogurt face mask. Try this DIY.


  • Try products with topical pre- and pro-biotics.  For prebiotics look for fructooligosaccharides or other oligosaccharides on the label.  For probiotics, lactobacillus or Enterococcus faecalis SL-5 are both good choices. 
    • Our vitA clear serum™ now contains probiotics. It gently exfoliates, revitalizes and restores vibrancy, evens skin tone and texture — leaving the skin looking lifted and smooth. This serum helps to modulate oil secretions and encourages healthy cell turnover, critical for acne management and anti-aging. Probiotic Lactobacillus Ferment found in this serum helps strengthen the skin’s barrier and replenishes healthy bacteria, while crowding out bad bacteria such as the P. acnes which cause acne breakouts.
  • Break open a probiotic/prebiotic supplement capsule and mix into your favorite nighttime moisturizer for a night time probiotic treatment.
  • Do not use antibacterial soaps, scrubs and gels on the face or anywhere on the body.

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